About Sula

Books are our escape, right? Personally I do think it’s true. With all the chaos whirling around us, books indeed help us in taking a break. One book that got me hooked recently was SULA by Toni Morrison. I went through my semester syllabus and ordered this book. Later it turned out that my professor […]

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Bookshelf & Closet

Yesterday I helped my mum in cleaning and organising our bookshelf. The outside atmosphere seemed gloomy with dark clouds pouring heavy drops. It’s unusual to rain in May but then again with all the unexpected incidents happening around the world since last year, rainfall can be spared to say the least. The sky clearly resembled […]

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“Umm, can we talk…?”

First, let me start by asking you one platitude question: Have you guys ever typed a whole paragraph for someone then erased it? It’s quite normal these days, right? I remember I did this on multiple occasions. I used to just write a whole sob story & then never send it. Why though? Why didn’t […]

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Greetings pretty humans! April here, I’m glad if you are actually reading this. Just wanted to share a few things about me. I like writing (if that was not obvious), a hardcore Marvel fan, I love reading classical books, a big fan of European Philosophers & Art, Mythology interests me a lot. I like wrting […]

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